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One of the most important things that a Union does for every member is to protect their Rights under the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA, sometimes simply referred to as an Agreement or Contract), which covers a wide variety of benefits and protections and is negotiated for them by the Union. Collective Bargaining Agreements, which can somewhat vary by locations covered or employee groups represented, are usually quite specific on what can and cannot be done, and an employee knows up front what their benefits & wages will be, as well as having recourse through a grievance process when management fails to follow the Agreement. Without a Collective Bargaining Agreement, any employee is essentially an "employee at will", meaning that management can change their employment conditions, benefits, wages, or even terminate them, as they see fit.  When you are an employee at will, management will usually be glad to tell you, "If you don't like it, there's the door...."

Though Collective Bargaining Agreements provide for 3rd party arbitration or mediation when a situation cannot be resolved through the grievance process, agreements are usually a mutual, joint effort between management and the Union; so that even when something is not specifically covered in an Agreement, management and the Union will try to sit down and resolve any differences. In addition to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Union enforces other legal rights, such as those extended to employees under the National Labor Relations Act, work place safety under OSHA, and work place discrimination. Also, in addition to the Collective Bargaining Agreements negotiated & upheld by the Union, offers mailed to members from time to time, along with the New England Region Arthur E. Coia Scholarship & Education Fund, the Union provides other benefits through UnionPlus - All available ONLY to Union members and their families! 

Money & Insurance - Including credit, college education & tax help

Home & Discounts - Including gift services and consumer safety & protection 

Health & Fitness - In addition to your Union protected health benefits

Travel & Entertainment - Car rentals, condo rentals, cruises, hotels, flights, theme parks & more

Auto - Buying, insurance, motor club, renting, repair, tips & more

Legal & Education - Including aid, articles & education resources

Assistance - Many financial & hardship support avenues